How to Increase Car Suspension Height? - Autogos (2023)

How to Increase Car Suspension Height? - Autogos (1)

How to Increase Car Suspension Height?Check how tall the car is on a flat surface and then decide how high it is necessary to lift the suspension.

  • Set the torsion bars at the desired rate by using a Hex-head wrench.
  • Increase the size or speed of coil springs.
  • Install shackles on leaves springs if they’re needed.

If you want to make your vehicle more suited for rough, uneven routes, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Alongside fitting body armor or a winch improving your vehicle’s ground clearance could make a big difference to your off-roading enjoyment by preventing the car’s underbelly from rubbing against obstructions and giving the vehicle more space to take road shocks.

The excellent ground clearance of an off-road vehicle is supposed to be between 8.8 inches and 10.8 inches or more, depending on the challenges you are trying to conquer. If your vehicle’s clearance is smaller than you’d prefer, think about these strategies to boost the clearance of your vehicle.

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How much does it cost to raise car suspension?

They could cost as little as$100-$500. If you’re looking to purchase suspension lift kits preferred by enthusiasts who love the performance, The costs for that choice are considerably higher. These upgrades could cost up to $1,000 or $5,000.

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How to Increase Car Suspension Height?

How to Increase Car Suspension Height? - Autogos (2)

Change the size of the Tyre and the Rim.

Most manufacturers allow variations in a tire or the rim size to adapt an automobile to various driving conditions. Check the owner’s manual regarding the tires and rim size permitted for your vehicle.

You could switch to tires with a greater profile for a height increase. You can increase your height by switching to rims with smaller sizes that can take larger profile tires.

In this way, you can effectively increase the height of your vehicle but remain within the manufacturer’s specifications. The disadvantage of using high-profile tires can result in a decrease in vehicle effectiveness and performance. The upside is that provided you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines; it will not invalidate the insurance coverage.

Changed Coilovers

When you upgrade to higher and more rigid shocks and coil springs, it’s possible to increase the height of vehicles significantly. This must be carried out by a qualified garage expert in suspension for vehicles.

The coil-overs must be the same specifications and must be purchased brand new. The advantage of this method is a significant rise in the height. Its disadvantages include a reduction in stability and could cause the insurance to be canceled.

Height Spacers

The extensions for height spacers are placed in a vehicle’s suspension to increase the vehicle’s height. They are among the most sought-after because they’re cheap and simple. We strongly discourage using height spacers for one of the reasons listed below.

For starters, it is true that most height spacers sold in Kenya are not of good quality and don’t meet the requirements. In addition, they impact the stability of a vehicle when driving at high speeds, introducing oversteer and understeer.

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If you’re considering using spacers for height, make sure they’re high-quality, machine-made, and are from a reliable manufacturer. The hand-crafted aluminum spacers sold in Kenya represent a significant security danger and must avoid at all times.

Coil springs with upgraded coils

Coil springs assist with your car and aid in helping it keep it steady. When you come across potholes or dips, they expand when you bump into bumps or climb over things.

It is possible to get an air spacer (a piece made of coiled polyurethane or rubber) placed on the coils in the spring suspension to limit the growth and contraction. This can increase the clearance of your ground by about 10-15 millimeters.

Air suspension installation

It is the most costly method to maintain and install the car to improve ground clearance. The system operates in auto mode and can independently alter the clearance of the ground-based on the condition of the road as well as its speed.

Spacer to improve the clearance of the ground

Installing spacers in your vehicle is an easy and reliable solution. Spacers that increase ground clearance are positioned beneath the springs or between the attachment point and on the car body.

In the first instance, the material used for manufacturing is extra-strong rubber with the highest density level. It can also be plastic or a blank that is based on polyurethane. Materials made from steel or aluminum spacers can be placed under the shock absorbers.

Spacers are not always the best choice.

  1. The center of gravity is moved upwards Of gravity, consequently deteriorating the road’s handling.
  2. The entire calculated technology for the reliability of functioning of the device has been violated. The information will alter by changing the maximum angle, as well as the angles of inclination for the wheel’s steering axis.
  3. Then you will experience lesssteeringdue to it being incompatible with the car’s suspension system. In turn, the life span of the whole device will be reduced.
  4. The shock absorber’s location (average) is a consequence; it might be damaged. This is because the piston rod is hitting the cover of the shock absorber in the course of movement. In this situation, it is possible to use the attachment that comes with the kit and use the shock absorber in itself to eliminate the difference.

Spacers and rules for how to use them to improve ground clearance

  • Attachments made of metal are not recommended if they’ve not been treated for corrosion;
  • Restrictions for owners of front-wheel-drive vehicles: at the front of the car, the vehicle is permitted not to lift over 20mm.
  • In the majority of cases (up to 80percent), if the shock absorber isn’t located near the spring to ensure safety, it is necessary to install spacers. Both beneath the springs and under the shock absorbers are necessary to ensure a synchronized operation.
  • If you are increasing the clearance at the rear of the vehicle, ensure that your lean angle remains within the acceptable limits, particularly when turning at high speed. The rule is that the maximum height is 30 millimeters is permitted.
  • A rise in ground clearance greater than 30 millimeters can result in the inability to perform camber accurately in the equipment.
  • It is crucial to ensure that the set is complete with bolts and studs of the proper dimension.

Every car owner would like their car in a position to get over obstacles effortlessly, but typically, the car’s clearance on the ground does not permit this. Spacers are the best aids to increase the ground clearance, which is why we will put them in the car on our own.

FAQ Section:

Can you raise the height of a car?

The maximum of the majority of vehicles’ ground clearance is 15.24cm. Another option is upgrading to a suspension with a higher ride height. This can be accomplished with the help of an adjustable Coilover suspension or an air suspension that is aftermarket.

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How do I determine the best ground clearance for the car?

All or four-wheel drive is essential, and so is finding an automobile with sufficient clearance on the ground to traverse obstacles such as mountains, rocks, mud, rivers, etc., without inflicting injuries. As a guideline, a car with 8.5 inches of clearance or greater should be safe.

Do strut spacers increase ground clearance?

Registered. So, yes, the lift spacers improve the clearance underneath the truck, but specifically, they will elevate the frame and the front end.

How can I increase the height of my car?

More thigh-height Tyres and Rims:A second option to improve ground clearance is to put higher-quality rims and tires on your car. Two ways that you could do this. One method is to increase the tire’s size by increasing it but keeping the rims. The other option is to use higher tires and rims that are taller.

Do bigger tires increase ground clearance?

Better road clearance The most evident effect of bigger tires is that they raise the height of your vehicle. You can increase the ground clearance when you raise it several inches above the ground. This is how much space you have between your surface of the road and the lowest part, the car.

What can change the height of a vehicle?

What could alter how tall a car is? The extra weight of a large load can cause a vehicle to stand lower than it normally would. A car will usually be higher when carrying a lighter load than when carrying an enormous load.

What can change the height of a vehicle?

  • 5 Compact SUVs with the highest Ground Clearance for Remaining in the Big Flood
  • Ford Bronco: 11.6 inches of ground clearance.
  • 2021 Jeep Wrangler: 10.8 inches of ground clearance.
  • 2021 Jeep Cherokee: 10.8 or 8.7 inches of clearance on the ground.
  • 2021 Subaru Forester: 8.7 inches of ground clearance.
  • 2021 Toyota RAV4: 8.4 inches.

Does a higher clearance on the ground more effective?

A higher clearance reduces the vehicle’s aerodynamic characteristics, which means that more speed means lower stability and speeds. This is why sports cars with low clearances can handle faster speeds than SUVs with higher clearances.

Does a ground clearance of 180 millimeters enough to be used on Indian roads?

Because the height of obstacles is not fixed and each car is subject to its limitations and specifications, as per experts, the ground clearance of between 170-180mm will be ideal to use on Indian roads. That is, the ground clearance must be at a minimum of 160mm to travel Indian roads and safely minimize the risk of damage.

Will new struts raise my car?

Also, it’s false. Shocks/struts aren’t able to adjust the ride height unless they are equipped with adjustable perches. They limit the rebound and jounce springs caused when riding over bumps.

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Which is the best way to increase ground clearance?

Add another leaf spring to the leaf spring to increase the clearance to the ground. This can also cause the ride to become more rigid and unsettling. The major alteration is to improve ground clearance on vehicles such as Maruti Gypsy or Mahindra MM540 (predecessor to the Thar DI).

Alter the Tyre Size and Rim size Most manufacturers allow for a variation in the tire or the rim size to accommodate your vehicle for different driving conditions. Consult the owner’s guide regarding the tires and rim sizes permitted for your vehicle. To increase the height, it is possible to switch to tires with a higher profile.

Can a vehicle be modified to increase clearance?

Vehicles with stabilization control, lane-keeping, or collision avoidance systems must not be altered. Sensors that regulate these systems depend on the vehicle’s height to adjust. Any changes could disrupt these systems and trigger a chain reaction.

Can a height spacer be used on a car?

They are extensions installed into the suspension system to increase the height. They are the least expensive and simplest to set up and thus are the most commonly used. We strongly discourage using height spacers for one of the reasons listed below.


Is it possible to increase car ground clearance? ›

Fitting assisters for the coil springs is the most affordable method through which you can increase ground clearance. Assisters are basically a piece of coiled polyurethane that sits in between the coils of a coil spring suspension.

Can a lowered car be raised? ›

There are several ways to restore the vehicle body to the original height: renewing the springs, installing lifting blocks or adding spacers.

How can I increase the height of my Jeep? ›

Suspension lifts are designed specifically to increase ground clearance by adding suspension height. Lifts vary from a couple inches to a foot or higher. The body lift is an inexpensive way to lift a Jeep by adding spacers, however, spacers can only add up to an extra 3-inches of ride height.

How much does it cost to raise a car suspension? ›

A suspension lift kit could cost anywhere from $450 to $2,000 because it provides additional height, ground clearance, and suspension travel. But a body lift that is typically used solely for gaining height could be as cheap as $80.

Will new shocks raise ride height? ›

Bad shocks affect ride and handling, but they won't change the ride height of the car.

How much does it cost to raise a car? ›

Standard installation should be around or under $500 for a two-post car lifting solution and under $1,000 for a four-post auto lift. As previously noted, in-ground car lifts and installations are by far the most expensive auto lifting option available, sometimes costing as much as $10,000.

What to do when your car is too low? ›

If you notice that your car is too low and does not have too much ground clearance, you need to take your vehicle to enjoy off-road driving; then, there are multiple things you can do to raise it. You can either buy a good suspension lift kit, fit larger tires, or even buy coil springs spacers to do the job.

What happens if your car is too low? ›

Poorly done or extreme lowering can cause suspension and steering parts to contact each other, the wheels or the tires. It could also cause tires to rub the body during turns or going over bumps.

How much does it cost to raise a Jeep? ›

On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 for a Jeep Wrangler lift. However, how much you pay depends mostly on the type of lift kit you choose.

What is better body lift or suspension lift? ›

A suspension lift is a better choice than a body lift in situations where off-road performance is important. First and foremost, a suspension lift not only provides room for larger tires, but it also increases the ground clearance under the frame.

How high is the average car off the ground? ›

A road car usually has a ride height around 16–17 cm (6.3–6.7 in), while an SUV usually lies around 19–22 cm (7.5–8.7 in). Two well-known extremes are the Ferrari F40 with a 12.5 cm (4.9 in) ride height and the Hummer H2 with a 25 cm (9.8 in) ride height.

Does a leveling kit increase ground clearance? ›

Increases Ground Clearance

A leveling kit will give you approximately 1-3 inches of additional ground clearance. This is useful if you plan to offroad by helping to prevent rocks and debris from damaging the underside of your vehicle. A higher front-end will also keep you from bottoming out on steep driveways.

Why are cars so low to the ground now? ›

It's understood that cars positioned lower to the ground offer better performance, safer handling, and better mpg ratings. However, the benefits of increased ground clearance are outweighing these considerations with many consumers.

How much does a 2 inch lift kit cost? ›

Leveling kits can cost as little as $60, but on average, a basic 2-inch leveling kit will cost you around $300.

Is suspension worth upgrading? ›

Upgrading to an increased ride height suspension can allow for longer suspension travel and unhindered wheel articulation, as well as giving more body clearance to obstacles and allowing the fitment of larger off road biased tyres.

How much is lift kit install? ›

Buying and installing a lift kit might cost between $400 to $4000 if you do it yourself. If getting it done from an expert, the price can range between $800 to $12,000.

What controls ride height? ›

Height adjustment is most often achieved by air or oil compression used for the "springs" of the vehicle – when the pressure is varied – the vehicle body rises or lowers.

What happens if your shocks are too short? ›

If the extended length of the shock absorber is too short it will “top-out” and reduce the extended travel. “Topping out” is the term used when the piston inside the shock absorber collides with the cylinder head.

Do tires affect ride height? ›

Every inch of tire size increase = 1/2" of extra ride height.

How do you ask for a raise at a car dealership? ›

In this initial contact, do not ask for the raise — just tell them you're hoping to discuss your performance and would like to schedule a good time to talk. If you're serious about getting a raise, it needs to be done in person, face-to-face.

What adds the most value to a car? ›

Six of the best ways to increase the value of your car
  1. Clean it. First impressions matter. ...
  2. Have any minor dings or dents repaired. ...
  3. Get the paperwork in order. ...
  4. Have it serviced. ...
  5. Find anything that came with the car. ...
  6. Pimp it up – properly.
Mar 6, 2020

How much does it cost to lift a car 6 inches? ›

Especially if you're considering installing a larger and more drastic lift like a 6 inch lift kit. So, how much is a 6 inch lift kit? Generally, lift kits can range anywhere from $400 to well over $5,000, with a 6 inch lift kit typically running at around $1,500 to $2,000.

Do lowered cars handle better? ›

Improved handling and traction: Generally speaking, lowering the vehicle closer to the ground improves the tires' grip on the road, leading to improved handling.

Do lowering springs ruin shocks? ›

Yes, if you install lowering springs then you need new shocks.

Can you drive with low suspension? ›

While you can still drive, the ride will be rough and the car will be difficult to control in an emergency. Plus, bumps could damage other parts of the car.

What is considered low for a car? ›

Vehicles with low ground clearance have 6.5 inches or less between the ground and the lowest point of the vehicle.

How many miles on a car is considered low? ›

To determine whether a car has reasonable mileage, you can simply multiply 12,000 by its age. That means good mileage for a car that's 5 years old is 60,000. Significantly more or fewer miles could indicate a problem or trouble in the future.

Can car suspension be adjusted? ›

Making adjustments to your suspension can yield improvements in lap times and make your ride more comfortable. Knowing where to start can be daunting. You might have the best suspension components, but they need to be set up to work together optimally to give you the best performance.

Can coilovers raise your car? ›

Partially threaded coilovers raise and lower the car by raising or lowering the height of the spring on the coilovers. With partially threaded coilovers like the one shown, to raise the car, you will turn the collars up the shock body and to lower you will turn the collars down the shock body.

How does ride height affect speed? ›

Basically, the low clearance of the car causes the air travelling under the car to speed up (and go faster than the air travelling above the car).

Is lifting a Jeep worth it? ›

There are many benefits of lifting a Jeep. By raising your Jeep, you can fit larger tires and increase the ground clearance, both of which will improve the Jeep's performance off-road. You can also enhance the aesthetics of your Jeep by lifting it higher off the ground.

Can you buy a Jeep already lifted? ›

But the easiest method of all is to purchase an already-lifted Jeep Wrangler. It will allow you to take off immediately without any work or worries into extreme terrain.

Do jeeps gain in value? ›

When you purchase a new Jeep, your ride will retain a bulk of its value for the first 5 years of ownership. It can even keep 70% or more of its base MSRP in its first 3 years while others tend to lose 30% by the end of the first year. The Wrangler has one of the road's best depreciation values for a variety of reasons.

Does a 2 inch lift make a difference? ›

If you ride on really difficult terrain, this gives you the opportunity to upgrade to some more aggressive tires that can handle the rougher stuff easier. Going a little bigger with tires will also raise your ground clearance even more. The bottom line is that a 2″ lift will make a difference.

How risky is a body lift? ›

As with any invasive or surgical procedures, body lifts have risks and complications, which include: Unfavorable scarring and/or skin discoloration. Excessive bleeding or hematoma. Skin or fat necrosis (tissue death)

Does a body lift affect gas mileage? ›

A lift kit can negatively affect fuel economy in a couple of ways. The first is added weight. If your vehicle weighs more after installing a lift kit, it will reduce mileage. The second is increased wind resistance.

How much does it cost to get adjustable suspension? ›

The average cost for an air suspension system can range from $500 to $2,000+, depending on your vehicle and location. For those simply having air suspension helper springs added to their truck, you can expect to be on the lower end of the cost spectrum.

What is auto adjusting suspension? ›

Car adjustable suspension could mean two things, either adjusting the ride height of the car or changing the handling characteristics. Ride height systems are usually added to the rear of vehicles to raise the rear of the car and bring it back to level if it's heavily loaded.

What is ride height adjustment in car? ›

Height adjustable suspension is a feature of certain automobile suspension systems that allow the motorist to vary the ride height or ground clearance.

How much does it cost to raise a car 2 inches? ›

Leveling kits can cost as little as $60, but on average, a basic 2-inch leveling kit will cost you around $300.

What is the safest way to elevate a car? ›

Check your handbook for safe jacking points and never lift the car by putting the jack under the engine, gearbox, or any plastic undertray. Ideally use a chassis rail, subframe or suspension mounting point.

Are car lifts illegal? ›

Car lifts, unregistered taxis, or carpooling against payment: these seem like the perfect solutions in the face of a young public transportation system. But they are not perfect – these services are illegal, and can land you with hefty fines and even a jail term.

What mechanics use to lift cars? ›

A car lift is a heavy-duty steel framework that allows the mechanic to lift a car, motorcycle, or heavy vehicle up off the ground in order to offer more workspace and allow easy access to parts of the vehicle that would otherwise be difficult to access had the vehicle remained on the ground.

How much does it cost to lift a lowered car? ›

You can modify your vehicle's ride's height by installing modified leaf springs. A leaf spring kit can cost anywhere between $100 and $200. Make sure you have the right tools for the job, such as a floor jack to lift your ride, if you're doing it yourself.

How do you go over bumps on a lowered car? ›

The best and most comfortable way to go over a speed bump is to accelerate moderately or avoid braking when going over the bump. When you brake, the front end of your vehicle is lowered while accelerating lifts it. Slow down, release the brake before the bump, once you reach the top of the bump, accelerate.

Is driving a lowered car hard? ›

Since a decreased suspension height automatically relates to a lowered front, it makes it a bit more challenging to drive through slopes. If you drive straight into an incline, you are bound to hit your front bumper lip against the road before your wheels even make contact with it.


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