Who are the greatest darts players in history? Top 10 ranking (2023)

Darts sports is one of the most exciting games on the planet. It is played by two or more players who throw a small, sharp-pointed object (dart) using their free hand to a round target known as a dartboard. The aim is to target the bullseye (centre of the dartboard to earn more points). In this article, we reveal some of the greatest darts players of all time who mastered the craft of aiming at the focal point.

Who are the greatest darts players in history? Top 10 ranking (1)

The game is widely played in many parts of the world, including in the United States, parts of Europe, Africa, and Scandinavian countries. A significant number of the great dart players in history come from these nations.

Best dart players

Most of the famous dart players come from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Let us now delve deep into the top 10 darts players of all time and find out about their nationalities and achievements.

Phil TaylorEnglish
Michael van GerwenDutch
Raymond van BarneveldDutch
Eric BristowEnglish
John LoweEnglish
Gary AndersonScottish
Dennis PriestleyEnglish
John PartCanada
Martin AdamsEnglish
Adrian LewisEnglish

10. Adrian Lewis

Adrian's remarkable achievement in the sport is truly amazing. He won the PDC World Championship in 2011 and 2012, therefore becoming the third person to retain the title. Lewis also became the first man ever to hit a nine-dart finish in the World Championship final (2011). In addition, he also won the European Championship and the PDC World Cup.

9. Martin Adams

Who are the greatest darts players in history? Top 10 ranking (2)

Martin chose to play in the British Darts Organization (BDO) rather than the famous Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). However, his achievements in the BDO earn him a place among the legendary stars of the game. The English man won three Lakeside world titles and three World Masters.


8. John Part

The former Canadian star turned commentator was considered his generation's best darts player in North America. John Part won the BDO World Championship in 1994 and two PDC World Championships (2003 and 2008). He also finished runners-up in five World Championships.

7. Dennis Priestley

Who are the greatest darts players in history? Top 10 ranking (3)

Priestley won two World Championship titles during his career but lost in four finals to Phil Taylor, arguably the best dart player of all time. Taylor and Priestley were the only professionals to average 100 or more in the World Championship final (1996) until Raymond van Barneveld achieved the same in 2007.

6. Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson is considered the greatest Scottish player of all time. He began his career in the BDO, where he reached only one BDO World Championship final (2003). Anderson later moved to PDC and won the PDC World Championship twice (2015 and 2016). He holds the record for most 180s in a match (22), and the highest losing average in a world final (104.93).

5. John Lowe

Who are the greatest darts players in history? Top 10 ranking (4)

The legendary darts icon will go down in darting history for his consistency and effectiveness in the sport. He won three BDO World Championships (1979, 1983 and 1993), and two World Masters titles (1976 and 1980). His consistency and effectiveness helped him dominate his opponents during his tenure. John is also the first-ever man to win the World Championship in three decades.

4. Eric Bristow

Fourth on our list is Eric Bristow, famously referred to as the 'Crafty Cockney' by his fans. He will be remembered for his dominance of the game in the 1970s and 1980s by winning five World Masters titles and five World Championships. Bristow was awarded the MBE in 1989 for his services to the sport and to charity. Unfortunately, he died in April 2018, leaving a legacy that has inspired many generations.

3. Raymond van Barneveld

Who are the greatest darts players in history? Top 10 ranking (5)

Talk of one of the most decorated darts players in history, Barneveld's achievements puts him among the top three best men to ever play the sport. The Dutch international has won four BDO World Championships and one PDC World Championship (2007), which he lifted after defeating the great Phil Taylor. Raymond also has UK Opens titles, a Grand Slam of Darts and a Premier League title to his name.

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2. Michael van Gerwen

Who are the greatest darts players in history? Top 10 ranking (6)

Michael van Gerwen is undoubtedly one of the best dart players in 2022, if not the best. His outstanding numbers are a result of pure talent and consistency. Michael has three PDC World Championships, a World Masters, two World Matchplay titles, and five World Grand Prix. He also won the UK Open in 2021.

In 2022, Gerwen is up there alongside English duo Luke Humphries, Scott Williams, and Josh Rock of Northern Ireland. Other outstanding dart players include Damon Heta, Joe Cullen, and Michael Smith.

Who is the goat of darts players?

English sensation Phil Taylor is widely considered the greatest darts player of all time. His talent, achievements and contributions to the sport are comparable to none.

1. Phil Taylor

Who are the greatest darts players in history? Top 10 ranking (7)

Taylor dominated darts for over two decades and won 214 professional tournaments. He bagged a record 85 major titles and 16 World Championships. His first major trophy was in 1990 and his final title was in 2017. Besides, the legendary darts icon also won 16 World Matchplay titles, 11 World Grand Prix, six Premier Leagues and Grand Slams.

Phil ranked as world number one for the majority of his career. He remains a household name and an inspiration to many aspiring to prosper in the sport.

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Which dart player has won the most trophies?

With 85 major trophies won in his career, Phil Taylor is undoubtedly the most decorated player in the sport. Meanwhile, the second most outstanding star of all time, Michael van Gerwen, will be hoping to catch up with him, although it would take a massive effort to equal Phil's numbers.

Best American professional dart players

Who are the greatest darts players in history? Top 10 ranking (8)

According to the 2022 American national ranking of darts stars, Leonard Gates tops with 995 points. Leonard, nicknamed the soldier, is the 2022 PDC North American champion. He has also won multiple titles in his career. In the ranking, Bruce Robbins comes second with 766 points, followed by third-placed Jason Brandon with 731. Danny Lauby and Kevin Yasenchak are fourth and fifth with 672 and 652 respectively.

Are there any professional dart players from Africa?

The sport is not a popular game in Africa as compared to football, volleyball, athletics, basketball, and rugby. However, the continent boasts some great players like Devon Petersen of South Africa, who have excelled in the game. He is Africa's no.1 ranked dart star and has conquered the continent for years. Devon recently teamed up with fellow countryman, Stefan Vermaak in the 2022 Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) World Cup.

Who is the best dark player right now?

Who are the greatest darts players in history? Top 10 ranking (9)

Devon Peterson is considered the best darts dark player in 2022. He moved to Europe, where he is ranked among the best 32 stars on the continent. Another legendary name is Ray Cornibert, a pioneering black dart player, who enjoyed a successful career between 1977-2005. Former Jamaican-born English legend Alfanso 'Al' Hedman is also among the famous black players who excelled in the sport during his tenure.

How much do dart players earn?

The sport pays quite a decent amount to players, especially those participating in the PDC World Darts Championship. The winner of the 2023 event will earn around $621,000, while the runners-up will take home $311,000. Here is a breakdown of how the stars will earn in the tournament.


Round 1$9,300
Round 2$18,700
Round 3$31,100
Round 4$43,500

The PDC tournament is also another event that pays players well. In 2022, Michael van Gerwen took home $342,000 for emerging as the winner.

To rank among the greatest darts players of all time is not an easy achievement. It is the fruit of hard work and dedication in a sport not familiar to many people globally. The players have also made quite a fortune in their careers, earning millions of dollars in net worth.

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